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Here’s Why Everyone Should Go For Scuba Diving in Goa

With numerous beaches, Goa boasts an array of marvelous diving locations. From getting up-close with the wonders of underwater marine life to the aquatic waters to the underwater fun with multi-colored striped fish and shipwrecks at Goa, there are a bountiful of breathtaking scuba diving locations in Goa. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or not, here is why everyone should definitely go for scuba diving in Goa.

Several great scuba diving locations in Goa

Goa is blessed with many great scuba diving sites along with its long coastline and off its islands. These locations are suited for all types of divers wheather one is experienced or beginner. 

Goa has bizarre stretches of coral reefs, shipwrecks and an array of marine life. The best thing about scuba in Goa is the finite underwater current, making it a safe place for all. The popular scuba diving spots in Goa includes Grande Island, Suzy’s Wreck, Turbo Tunnel, Davy Jones Locker, Shelter Cove and Sail Rock.

The magical marine life of Goa

The diving sites in Goa are teeming with attractive marine creatures in their natural environment, such as manta rays, sharks, reef fish, turtles, jellyfish, coral blankets, nudibranch, stone fish, stingrays, great barracuda, turtles, cobias, Napoleon wrasse. Some dive sites in Goa is blessed with the sightings of shipwrecks, where marine life likes to bunch up.

Great underwater visibility 

The dive sites of Goa offer incredible visibility. In the Grande Island, you can have good visibility up to 25 meters; in Suzy’s Wreck, up to 21 meters; off Davy Jones Locker up to 20 meters; off Shelter Cove up to 18 meters; off Turbo Tunnel and Sail Rock up to 10 meters.

Dive with a budget-friendly package

Scuba diving in Goa price is very reasonable and cheap than any other locations in India. Diving in the Grande Island will cost around INR 2,499 to 2,999 per head per dive; in Suzy’s Wreck approx. INR 2,700 per head for one hour; diving Davy Jones Locker costs around INR 3,000 per head, inclusive of training; diving in Shelter Cove approx. INR 2,300 per head; diving Turbo Tunnel is around INR 2,200 per head; diving Sail Rock approx. INR 2,400 per head.

Experience a different side to Goa 

Goa is all bustling city! Diving opens up new travel sites like Grande Island and many more that were not known or considered before. Begin a ferry ride from Panjim, the capital city of the state, and opt to the beautiful island. One can experience various adventure and thrilling watersports here. One can also get the great experience for Scuba Diving in Grande Island. 

Good  facilities for memorable diving

Every diving site in Goa has a plethora of great experience, and teams of PADI which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, certified instructors offering diving courses for the beginner as well as  experienced divers. Also, the dive destinations in Goa are surrounded by numerous hotels and resorts that can help make arrangements for all.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About One Of The Adventurous Activities In Goa

We all know Goa is one of  the most popular tourist destinations in India because of its charming beaches. But, let me tell you Goa is not only popular for its beaches but also for its tropical climate, crazy nightlife, adventure activities and much more.

If we are talking about adventure activities, Goa is the perfect location for experiencing these activities. Goa is one of the popular as well as the most preferred place in India for experiencing these adventure activities. One can try bountiful of adventurous activities in Goa which are exciting as well as thrilling. Activities like Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and water sports like banana ride, jet skiing, parasailing, bumper ride are popular here. But if you want to do the most adventurous water activities in Goa, then Scuba Diving is for you. Scuba Diving will offer to witness the underwater marine life. Some may visit Goa for doing this activity, but some may don’t know anything about it. So this blog includes everything you need to know about Scuba Diving in Goa. 

What is Scuba Diving?

Scuba Diving is an underwater activity that gives the opportunity to explore the magical underwater world in the best possible way with getting up close with the creatures and the secrets of this marine world, with its breathtakingly colorful and diverse inhabitants. This activity is done with the help of Scuba. Now you will wonder what is scuba? Then let me tell you, Scuba stands for-






Necessary apparatus used for scuba diving

  • Diving Mask
  • Drysuit or Wetsuit
  • Swim Fins
  • Scuba Gloves
  • Scuba Tank
  • Regulator
  • Depth Gauge 
  • Submersible Pressure Gauge
  • Compass
  • Buoyancy Compensator
  • Dive Computer

Dive site for Scuba Diving in Goa

Grande Island is the most popular dive site for experiencing Scuba Diving in Goa. Grande Island, also known by other names which include Grand Island, Ilha Grande Goa and so on, is located a couple of kilometers west of Mormugao in Southern part of Goa. This place is the perfect place to do scuba diving in Goa. You can go 20 meters to 25 meters deep for experiencing Scuba Diving at Grande Island and enjoy the underwater marine universe.

Who can experience Scuba Diving?

Scuba Diving can be done by anyone. From a kid who is 10 years of age to the one who is physically fit and capable of trying this activity can do scuba diving at Grande Island. Not only in Grande Island but also everywhere in Goa, all people can do scuba diving.

Is Scuba Diving for non-swimmers?

Absolutely, if you are a swimmer or non-swimmer, you can do Scuba Diving in Goa and not only in Goa you can experience scuba diving anywhere in India. You don’t know how to swim and want to try water activity, then this underwater activity is for you. Scuba Diving can be done by all whether you have swimming skills or not. Scuba Diving is totally safe in Goa. So if you want to do Scuba Diving in Goa then book your Scuba Diving in Goa Package with us and get it at unbeatable price. Your safety is our first priority, therefore, our package for Scuba Diving in Goa also offer you a PADI certified trainer who first instruct and train you before your diving session and professional diver will be always with you at your back for your safety.

Must To Do Water Activities For Couples Visiting Goa

Goa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is known for the wild beach parties, adventure activities and a lot of fun crowd. Apart from all this, Goa is also known as a delightfully romantic place for couples. goa tour cost Huge number of newlywed couples visit Goa to make their honeymoon memorable. Since the times of the British colonial rule, it is said to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Goa. During that span, the British officers used to visit Goa for the purpose of enjoyment and fun. Whether you want to have a fun-filled vacation or a quiet peaceful holiday with your life-partner, Goa will fulfill all your needs. Brimming with several adventure activities and thrilling watersports, it is a place known for attracting the couples where they can get a memorable and romantic vacation in Goa. So take a look at the must to do water activities in Goa for couples. And as a couple, if you are an adventure junkies than these adventure activities and thrilling watersports is a must on your bucket list.

Scuba Diving

The combination of azure and turquoise deep waters and vibrant marine wonders are the main factors that attracts the huge number of tourists to explore the magical underwaters. It is worth spending adventure activity to get as a lifetime experience and explore the beautiful marine life of Goa. It is a perfect adventure activity to share with your near and dear ones. As a couple, you will get to discover and capture special moments underwater. Scuba Diving near Goa is a thrilling activity and doing it as a couple is essential to a healthy relationship.   

White water river rafting

River Rafting in Goa is one of the thrilling and adventurous water activities. When it comes to river rafting, the rivers of Goa keep up with the best. A huge number of couples and families who are adventure junkies are heading for the spills and thrills of water-based leisure activities. As it has become the talk of the town it is definitely going to boost your pulse rate, and leave you with a fantastic experience. Make it a perfect vacation by absorbing in the sun and riding the waves of the mighty waves of the sea.


Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure water sports cost in Goa. While you are high up in the sky, floating through the cool air you can view and enjoy the awesome landscape below. It is a beloved watersport among the couples, friends as well as families, as it is a perfect combination of enjoyment as well as thrill. You can experience while dipping in the water and the feeling of water touching your feet while still in the air.

Bumper Ride

Bumper ride is thrilling as well as a fun activity for couples who are a thrill seeker. A water activities experience to all is exciting but imperfect without a bumper ride in Goa. Experiencing these doughnut-shaped tubes leaves you with a breathtaking experience, especially when you are accompanied by your better half. For thrill-seekers, it is a great thing to showcase your skills as you opt to ride this exciting tube without falling off of it.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, Goa offers various adventure activities and thrilling watersports for couples that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Couples who are always in hunt of adventure should definitely try these adventure activities.

Top 5 Amazing Things to Do at Night in your Goa Trip

When we think about the exciting nightlife the first place that crosses our mind in Goa. With some of the best beaches in Goa for nightlife, this destination in India is attracting a lot of tourists from India as well as from abroad. Boarding some of the most refreshing nightlife this popular destination is getting a vibe among the tourists. So here are the top 5 amazing things to do at night in your Goa Trip.


When in Goa, start gambling! Try your luck at Casinos in Goa, if not for the winning, then for the pleasant memories at Deltin casinos. Casinos, one of the most popular things to do in Goa to enjoy the nightlife is seeking for your sea-feet and bouncing aboard one of its casino cruises. Opt to the luxuriously appointed Deltin with deluxe fine-dining restaurant. Try your luck at the live gaming that comes with VIP suits for the high rollers, 5 gaming rooms that offer various casino games from Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo and much more.


Partying in Goa is the best thing to enjoy the nightlife at its best while you are in your Goa holidays. Head to Silent Noise party, a trendsetting Saturday night party where you can dance wearing headphones, at Palolem Beach. Or try Curlies in Anjuna for some loud music and dance the night away. Go to the unlikely Mambos in North Goa. Or try a party cruise for a fresh and new experience, and if nothing works for you, spin on the beach with music in your head.


You are never too far from the beaches when you are in Goa, and each and every Goa beach is stunning. Talpona Beach, Patnem Beach and Agonda Beach in South Goa are beautiful stretches of sand for night walk or a little midnight excursion. Spend the glorious night on Butterfly Beach in the company of your buddies or family with a campfire and your favorite drinks, or have a warm party with your buddies on Velsao Beach which is close to the Majorda Beach. Be a responsible tourist that means do not litter. 


Shopping at the flea markets of Goa are some of the best things to do in Goa at night. These markets hawk everything from antique jewelry pieces to colorful clothes, Kashmiri carpets, spices and delicious Goan food. Visit the draping Arpora Market on Saturday nights for its energetic buzz, the numerous bars and eating corners that sprinkles the stalls and the bracing live performances that range from classical Indian music to rock. Enjoy another night to fuse in with the Goan crowds at Mackie’s Saturday Night Market at Baga beach, which has smaller crowds, lots of stalls and many food corners.

Party Cruises

With the vast stretch of the sea and numerous easygoing rivers at hand, partying in cruise is one of the best things to do in Goa at night. Jump aboard a leisure Yacht as you sail down the Mandovi River, or get a sea cruise with live DJ music, dancing and scrumptious food for a memorable night in Goa.

5 Most Amazing Things To Do At Snow Park In Goa

You must have visited Goa lot many times with the same stunning beaches, same adventure activities, and same popular clubs. So now the Goa holidays does not amaze you anymore, right? But here we have a piece of great news with us. And we are sure this news will surely amaze you. 

So before you plan your Goa itinerary, go through this blog and make sure you visit this amazing place. 

We all have visited one or two snow parks which could be nearby you but the snowpark in Goa is like a cherry on the top of the cake. And that too when you know that snow park is near your hotel where you are staying. All this could be desirable if you plan your Goa trip accordingly with all the details.

You would not like to visit Goa during summer months as the temperature during the summer days is humid but now it’s possible. But you just need to arrive at the snow park and blow out the globe outside as there are a lot of activities in Goa snowpark which could fill your day with fun and adventure.

Let go through the activities which could be enjoyed at the snow park in Goa:

Play with snow

Who does not like to play with snow, especially when you are with buddies or family or your better half? I am sure the moment would be like you are in Switzerland. So just forget the world outside you for the whole day and feel the thrilling of snow with your better half and make the pleasant memory to cherish forever.

Snow sliders:

When you hear the word snow sliding, does Switzerland come into your mind? It is captivating to think about snow sliding in Goa. But let me tell you Snow park in Goa have two snow slidings, where you and your kids can savor the cold breeze as you slide down the slope in your sled. So come sliding down on the land of icy snow and witness who wins the race.

DJ Rocks:

Tourist visiting Goa must have been to DJ party happening at the beaches and bounced till you flattened once. So now get one full day to dine, booze and rock that too in frosty temperature. So just get out of your comfort zone and get into the dance floor with all the marvelous lights and hit  multiple Bollywood numbers. 

Sledging Car:

You must have seen your buddies sliding on the sledging car. And you must be wondering how to enjoy the same activity with your entire budget, so snow park enters here. Just zest sliding there with your loved ones and catch moments in your camera for memories and let others scratch their head what place is that. 

Volley Ball in snow:

Volley Ball is loved by most of the people. Most of  the people assemble at night to play volleyball. Now get a chance to play this game in Goa and that too in the middle of the ice. It would be one of the memorable experiences you would have in a lifetime.

Top 10 Best Places For A Delightful Time In Goa

Goa is one of the most beautiful places for all those who love to explore their hippie spirit and live the free culture. A place lavished with the beauty of stunning beaches and adventureactivities in Goa, the place is indeed a Shangri-la for every type of tourist. Goa has a bountiful of places to witness which are located near Baga beach and Calangute beach which makes it an ideal spot for every individual.

Here in this blog, we have enlisted the best places to visit in Goa which can offer everyone a delightful time and a lot of pleasant memories.

Grande Island

Grande Island is yet another popular places to visit  in Goa. This island attracts a maximum number of tourists from all across the world. Here, in this island you can experience various adventure activities. If you want to experience Scuba Diving in Goa, don’t forget to visit this island.

Calangute beach

A trip to Goa and not exploring this stunning beach is unfair. Calangute beach, one of the most popular beaches in North Goa is visited by both domestic as well as international tourists. Seeing its popularity, the beach is crowded by the crowd all throughout the year. It is the splendid location if you are looking for some adventure watersports in Goa along with enjoying an amazing view of ocean, sunsets and numerous beach shacks that offer delicious cuisines.

Deltin Casino

Deltin is a cruise casino that is spread over 40,000 square feet of the area and split into three levels. Tourists are needed to buy a play package pass for getting entry into the casino cruise. Also, you can also head to stay along with the play packages. The casinos in Goa are closed during national holidays.

Chapora Fort

Presenting with some spectacular views of the shore of the beach, this old fort is most popular after displaying in the scene of Dil Chahta Hai. Explore this fort to witness some delightful view of sea and forts.

Arvalem Waterfall and Pandava Caves

Are Popular known among the top places in Goa, this waterfall comprises of 5 compartments with the enshrined of linga in each cave? Also, the gushing waterfall of Arvalem Waterfall which ranges up to 50 feet is no less a dazzling view.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfall, the fourth highest waterfall in the world, which literally translates to the ‘waterfall of milk’ delivers a majestic view of Goa. You will also get to see a railway bridge that passes by casting to the beauty of the waterfall.

Snow Park 

Snow in the middle of the beaches is one of the best places to visit near Calangute beach. This haven is counted among popular tourist places near Baga beach. The main tourist attractions in Snow Park is the fully buried in snow restaurant, beer offered in glasses made with real ice, ice dance floor,  and so on.

Arpora Night Market

Arpora Night Market, one of the best tourist places near Baga beach is the most visited place if you are looking for some shopping. The market is held every Saturday night.

Mollem National Park

Located along the eastern line which is spread across 422 square feet, this spectacular national park is a hub to various multi-colored bird and animal species in Goa.

Naval Aviation Museum

Naval Aviation Museum, one of its kinds in India has comprised of seven types of bombs, rockets, aircraft, protective gears, armaments, parachutes, pilot outfits, and rockets. This museum is worth a visit to Goa.

Top Places to Visit in Goa for Bachelors

Goa is an exciting mixture of thrill and fun which is too hard to bid. The stunning beaches, buzzing flea markets, thrilling water sports, numerous dining options, oscillating clubs and pubs, all come together to create a breezy atmosphere. No doubt, this place attracts youngsters like nothing else. And, you don’t really need a reason to visit the party capital of India. 

So here is our extensive list of places to visit in Goa for bachelors.


You never know when your luck will bring a smile on your face. So why not take an unexpected chance and explore out at the deluxe casinos in Goa? Most of the casinos of Goa are accessible in the cruise that will open up a world of exciting games, fun, and live entertainment for you, complete with popular restaurants and bars. If not richer, you will doubtlessly come out experience!

Pubs and Clubs

What is a Trip to Goa without pubbing and clubbing, especially if you are a party animal? The pubs and clubs in Goa are an incredibly fun area to chill out during the whole day and dance at night. So here are some pubs and clubs you need to check out.


Soro – The Village Pub

Café Mojo Pub and Bistro

Leopard Valley


Beach Shacks

Whether you are in a mood to have a blast with your friends or relax for some time, beach shacks are an ideal option. And, Goa has no dearth of amazing beach shacks that offer a blend of excellent food, drinks, music, and inviting ambiance. Here’s where all the fun awaits you:

Britto’s Shack

Café Del Mar



Souza Lobo

Grande Island 

With the azure waters of the Arabian Sea grazing from all sides, Grande Island give off a bizarre look. But there is more to this stunning island than just its natural beauty. The adventure junkie in you will be captivated to know that Grande Island is where you can enjoy the jaw-dropping scuba diving. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim as Picnicwale offer facilities for even beginners to enjoy this adventure activity. With well-skilled and professional trainers and standard safety equipment put to the effort, you can be sure of having a fun time.

Calangute Beach 

Calangute, the queen of beaches in Goa, is the most happening beach that has something for all. So if you are looking for some water-based activity with thrill and fun, then this beach is the best place to visit and have fun. 

Arpora Saturday Night Market

Saturday night fun gets a new content when you visit the night market in Arpora. Taken every Saturday night, this market place is where you can have a fun time with your buddies participating in shopping, eating, watching live performances or simply hanging out or soaking in the vibe of this market place.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

A dazzling four-tiered waterfall in Goa, Dudhsagar Waterfall presents a spectacular sight to catch. Calculated among the top tourist places in Goa for bachelors, this stunning waterfall is also a popular trekking destination  where you can trek with your buddies. The trek route of this waterfall boasts of gorgeous dazzling views and is absolutely worth your time and energy. 

Top 6 Beaches in Goa That You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Goa Holidays

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India to have carved a niche for itself in the mindset of domestic as well as international tourists for its stunning beaches. Tourists love visiting here to participate in the fun and frolic activities in this haven of sun, sand, and surf. This dazzling destination and the warm-hearted and friendly local people offer warm and hearty welcome tourists with open arms and broad smiles.

Popular Beaches In Goa

The Goa that we hear is all about blistering nightlife, hustling markets, and the fun and frolic – is, in fact, North Goa. The more explored and frequently-visited coastline of Goa is the stretch to the North of Fort Aguada up to the borders of Maharashtra. So, the best beaches in Goa are all located in the Northern part. Here is the ultimate guide of the popular beaches in Goa which are simply stunning beyond words.

Baga Beach 

If you are looking for a beach where you can relax and laze some sun, listening to the waves, Baga Beach is one of the best beaches in Goa for family and friends day out. Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa, known for its stunning nightlife, beach parties, and mouth-watering seafood delicacies. For people who enjoy crowd, drinking, and dancing to pulsating music, all against an impressive backdrop, Baga Beach is the perfect place to be.

Candolim Beach

One of the best beaches in Goa, this place is known for its scrubbed sand dunes. Candolim Beach, situated close to the popular Princess River, is also known for its unspoiled natural beauty and scenic atmosphere. An ideal place for complete enjoyment, the Goa beach is visited by many domestic as well as international tourists all around the year.

Calangute Beach 

Calangute Beach, known as the Queen of Goa Beaches is popular for its golden shimmering soft sand, is lined with amazing shacks which offer scrumptious Goan cuisine and drinks. It is one of the most popular beaches in Goa to indulge in authentic seafood. Calangute Beach is one of the friendliest Goa beaches for foreigners which you cannot afford to miss in your Goa holidays.

Sinquerim Beach 

Sinquerim Beach is a beautiful beach with a vast expanse of golden sand. You can also explore the Aguada Fort that adds a scenic backdrop to the site. It is among the best beaches in Goa to try water rides and other water adventures. It is one of the best beaches to try water sports in Goa. When you feel hungry after the exciting and exhausting water-adventures, head straight to the food stalls to try out some quick Goan-munchies.

Vagator Beach 

Vagator Beach is a must-to-visited place on the map of Goa beaches. Red-cliffed Vagator Beach is popularly known for its picturesque beauty and lush greenery. Tourists love to enjoy a calm stroll along the stretch of the beach with the amazing serene beauty all around. Its calmness and stillness attract tourist who needs hideout from the jam-packed beach cultures. It is as clean and serene as some of the secret beaches in Goa.

Anjuna Beach 

Anjuna Beach, surrounded by the Arabian Sea on its one side, is known for its lightly bend palm trees and a huge expanse of sand. Bizarre rock formations pass on a unique magical appearance to this beach. One of the most popular beaches in Goa, it is also popular for the parties and trance music parties. Each tourist is in happy-go-lucky mood due to the great combination of beauty and liveliness of this beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Goa which is known for the formation of rock.

Ever thought to visit these beaches in Goa? Well, we don’t blame you. It is a worth visit your time. So, don’t think much and plan your trip to Goa with Picnicwale right away!

Everything You Need To Know About Scuba Diving In Goa

When most travelers think of Goa, the minds immediately drift to stunning beaches, crazy nightlife, clubs and pubs, or scrumptious seafood. While all these things are symbolic of this tiniest state of India, scuba diving in Goa should definitely be up there too! In this blog, I will walk you through some of the things you need to know before you go for Scuba Diving. 

What’s also cool is that Goa has one of the longest coastlines in India. This means that this location has 20% of the world’s best coral reefs, arising in an attractively diverse marine life. As well as dazzling and colorful dives, you will also bumble upon a huge variety of experiences. Think of turquoise deep water, ancient shipwrecks, and underwater creatures, all waiting to be explored. To help you get your search for the best dive sites, here are our top scuba diving sites and destinations in Indonesia that we think you can’t miss.

Scuba Diving in Goa Packages 

Get a huge variety of scuba diving packages offered in Goa. Both beginners as well as certified divers can be assured to enjoy various scuba diving activities in these perfect surroundings. Book your package for scuba diving activity online at cheapest and unbeatable prices with secured online booking facilities and immediate confirmation through invoice and personal dedicated service.

Looking for a great experience of Scuba Diving in Goa? 

With several Goa attractions you can experience Scuba diving in safe and controlled other conditions under the direct supervision of the most qualified professional instructors in Goa. You can choose from our various scuba diving packages,

Best Time for Scuba Diving in Goa

All year round Goa is safe and secure with interesting dive location for scuba diving experience. Even though Goa is an evergreen scuba diving location, the months of summer and winter are known to be the best time to  experience Scuba Diving. During the summer months, the warm water attracts a bountiful of fish and marine life. People going for scuba diving during these particular months can easily catch the sight of extremely beautiful fish, which includes the parrot fish, groupers, wrasses, sweetlips, angelfish, sergeant majors, trumpet, clown fish, moray eels, crayfish along with a huge variety of vibrant corals, sponges, sea anemones, and much more.

Best Dive Site in Goa

The wide selection of Dive sites in Goa offers an unforgettable experience for each and everyone. Observing multi-colored tropical fish, seeking for rare species of fish, exploring spectacular caves and reefs and much more.

Scuba divers are spoilt for choice of every dive site in Goa. There are a huge variety of dive sites scattered all over the dive site. Beginners as well as Non swimmers can begin at the shallow side of the sea, whereas experienced and professional divers can opt straight for the more adventurous dive sites such as cliffs, caverns, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks.

One of the most popular and well-known dive sites in Goa is the Cathedral, which is situated off the Flic en Flac on the western coast of Goa. Other popular dive sites in Goa include the Whale Rock, the deluged hole near Ile Ronde and the Roche Zozo that is an underwater rock pinnacle.

There are more than 20 popular dive sites in Goa, all up to a depth of 30 meters with wide selection for everyone to choose from!

Thrilling Adventure Activities In That You Should Try In Your Next Goa Trip

Planning a trip to Goa but wondering what you have in store other than a retail joyride? Well, no need to worry. Challenge yourself into trying out some adventurous activities and extreme sports for an exciting holiday that you will remember forever. From bungee jumping to scuba diving, there is an endless list of adventurous Activities in Goa that you must indulge in.

Bungee Jumping

Are you game for a heart-pumping bungee jumping? Then go Bungee jumping in Goa, one of the best adventure places in India, to experience the gravitational force similar to a rocket launch. Reaching a height of 70 metres with a speed of 200 km/h, this is one of the top outdoor adventure activities in Goa is not meant for the faint of heart.


Go to Mandovi Mangrove which is a beautiful place to enjoy the best of kayaking experience. It is a unique and soothing experience, in which you will be crossing mangroves, witnessing 112 species of bird and a lot more. This is one of the best adventurous Activities in Goa to experience. Kayaking brings one closer to nature and allows a deeper admiration for the natural beauty that surrounds us. The charm of the mangroves, the sights and sounds of the many creatures living in the serenity of the water as well as those dwelling in the neighboring forests is an experience worth cherishing.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is yet another thrilling activity to experience in Goa. Witness the beautiful underwater life of Goa colored with vibrant coral reefs and multi-colored fishes. Grande Island in Goa is a great diving location with top sites like Suzy’s wreck, UmmaGumma reef, Davy Jones Locker, Sailing Rock filled with a magical display of underwater marine life. Scuba diving at Grande Island offer you to witness sea turtles, manta rays as well as lots of angelfish, parrot fish and seahorse. If you are visiting Goa with your loved ones, this is one such adventure activity that you will love experiencing. 


If you want to witness the marine life of Goa, the best place is the Grande Island Goa. The island is very beautiful and offer a rich marine life that you can watch by snorkeling there. Snorkeling at Grande Island allows you to experience one of the best spots for Snorkeling in Goa. You will be amazed to discover rare marine wonders which includes sea turtles, manta rays, angelfish, parrot fish and seahorse. So, if you are visiting Goa with friends, make sure you do this for a heartwarming experience.

River Rafting

Nothing can be more adventurous then River Rafting in Goa. Sailing on the stretches of river Valpoi, where rapids offer a breathtaking experience to adventure seekers. It is definitely one of the best places for a refreshing session of white water river rafting in India. With the spectacular views of the ranges of Goa, rafting makes for one unforgettable experience in India. Imagine taming the rapids while gulping down the fabulous views of mighty mountains here and there.