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Quick Tips for a Perfect Honeymoon in Goa

Goa, the land stuffed with stunning beaches with soft golden sand is an ideal destination for honeymoon where married couples choose as their favorite location in Goa to celebrate their new beginning of their life throughout the year. The charming blue beaches, palm and coconut trees along with the Goan beach shacks on golden sand makes it a romantic place for honeymoon in Goa. Here is a small travel guide of the best places to visit and also popular things to do  in Goa that you can add in your Goa tour package.

Best Places To Visit In Goa Honeymoon

Honeymooning couples are often looking for the best place that will make their honeymoon in Goa memorable. Well, this stunning attraction for honeymooners  should be bundled with romance, beauty, & thrill as well impart in each and every corner of this tiniest state. There are several beaches, markets, casinos, churches, forts, and waterfalls also that gives the party capital a holistic charm. So check out the best places to visit on your honeymoon in Goa, before you finalise your journey for your honeymoon in Goa.

Best Honeymoon Places One Can Visit In North Goa

You will find a majority of tourist attractions like popular beaches, forts, markets, churches, and much more in North Goa. Not just for the day thrills, you will find numerous nightclubs which includes Titos & Mambos and other popular beaches that organizes the rave parties that the honeymooners can opt to.

  • Romantic beaches: Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Dona Paula, and Mandrem are among the most loved as well as romantic beaches located in North Goa.
  • Sightseeing: Basilica of Bom Jesus, Fort Aguada, Church of Mae De Deus, and Bodgeshwar Temple are the popular tourist attractions located in North Goa that can be visited on your honeymoon  Goa trip.
  • Markets: Surprise your better half with lovely gifts as you take Goa honeymoon tour.  The markets of Anjuna, Mapusa, & Bicholim are the popular shopping spots in Goa that should be explored.

Best Honeymoon Places In South Goa

Goa is not just about the Baga, Fort Aguada, and Tito’s. The party capital also has an other side, somewhere down in the south. While North Goa is the maine part of Goa tourism, South Goa is where honeymooning couples can hope to find peace and serene for a romantic vacation in this tiny state of  India.

Having revealed about the beaches in Goa already, let us have a look at the best of the popular places to visit in South Goa newly wed couples can hop to:

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls: Dudhsagar, which literally means the ‘Sea of Milk’, marks at the southern end of the state of Goa. It is attractively bundled among the Western Ghats in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park as well. The splendid beauty of the falls must not be missed on your honeymoon trip of Goa.
  • Vasco da Gama: This place in Goa is popularly known for the Monkey Beach, Mormugao Fort, Japanese Garden, St Andrew’s Church, and so on.

Romantic Things To Do In Goa 

There’s a damn lot more things to do in Goa than just stunning beaches with spectacular sunsets, crazy party scenes, and ancient-old churches. There is a countless romantic things to do that Goa offers for honeymooning couples. With its large number of beaches and islands, it offers bountiful of water activities. It includes adventurous, delightful, and even romantic activities.

  • Scuba diving: Grande Islands, St. George Island, Devbagh Island, Pigeon Island, and Netrani Islands are some of the best places in Goa to visit the colorful coral reefs and witness the multi-colored fish here with your better half.
  • Snorkeling: Honeymooning couples can also visit to Suzy’s Wreck, Bat Island & Navy Island which are located near Bogmalo, and Grande Island for experiencing snorkeling.
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the perfect activities in Goa for those who wish to paddle through the silent and calm mangroves, backwaters, or tiny bays. Opt to Palolem Beach, Dona Paula, or Hollant Beach for the best kayaking experience in Goa.

Parasailing: It is one of the popular as well as most preferred watersports in Goa for the honeymooning couples. Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, and Vagator are all provide facilities for this adventure watersports. 

Best Scuba Diving Sites In The World To Discover The Magical Underwater World

Scuba Diving will be a memorable experience, to discover the magical marine world with all its attractive fishes toddling away, the beauty of the coral reef and much more. There are numerous dive sites in Goa which will surely give a memorable experience. Scuba diving, one of the most loved water activities for those adventure junkies. India, being surrounded on three water faces that offer some stunning scuba diving spots, which ranges from popular to some that popular, with the capability to make the tourist fall in love with them. In this blog, we are going to talk about some popular scuba diving sites in the world

Grande Island in Goa

Imagine getting into the huge sea, swimming beside the beautiful marine creatures, grazing your eyes beneath the ocean charged with precious and colorful corals. Scuba diving here brings your artistry to life. One must try Scuba diving when visiting the most vibrant and happening coastal states of India, Goa.

Scuba diving at Grande Island is worth spending as the experience gained is priceless. The Scuba diving companies in Goa offer the experience at very attractive offers and prioritize safety. For all those looking to get thrill, go scuba diving and feel the high like never before.

Bangaram in Lakshadweep

Bangaram island in Lakshadweep basically has coral reefs surrounding the entire island. The place is known for its serene and calm atmosphere. The place is situated in the union territory of Lakshadweep islands. The underwater serene beauty is simply amazing with the wonderful coral reef and also has been known among the countries with popular beaches like Maldives, Mauritius and much more. One also gets to see a lot of barracks. The fact that it is one of the cleanest beaches really elevates its standard. The way between the two regions is not that bad and one can head to the island by hiring a jetty from Agatti.

Coral Sharks in Pondicherry

Coral Sharks is one of the most ideal scuba diving spots located at Pondicherry. This is why named because it has a depth of the sea that varies from 5m to 23m which enables both the beginner as well as the experts to enjoy the beautiful sites. Plus the seabed is sandy in nature and the coral reefs are gorgeous. The best time to visit this place is perhaps during March and October when the waters are calm and cool. 

4 corners in Pondicherry

One of the traditional scuba dive sites, this place is famous for open water divers. Capped with coconut trees, the area has a large number of different marine species. The depth of this dive site can go up to 18 meters which offers deep-sea diving also. It has got various species like lionfish, dolphins and many more. The best time to visit 4 corners island in Pondicherry for Scuba Diving is from the month of October to May due to crowd in the rest of the months.

The Hole in Pondicherry

The Hole located in Pondicherry is one of those dive sites where only the professional Scuba Diving addicts would love to go. To start with, the depth is almost 30 meters in the central area that is almost twice as deep as the other diving sites. So if you are one of those divers, this dive site is a heaven for you. One might even spot some rare unknown creatures. The place is accessible in the months of December and March due to temperature issues and the currents being too high.

North Point & Cinque Island in Andaman & Nicobar Island

North Point & Cinque island, another beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, has one of the clearest waters in the world. With depth up to 80 feet, this location is marked as one of the most amazing scuba diving spots in India. With a huge variety of coral reefs, sponges and rich diversity of colorful and bright marine life, Scuba diving in Andaman wonderful trip. This location has a huge variety of beautiful black corals and also some cruel sharks. After arriving at Port Blair, one can go to Cinque Island by a chartered boat. The best part of this place is experienced in the months of December to May as the ocean is most calm during that time. 

Top Five Places You Need To Visit During Goa Trip

Goa might be the tiniest state of India. But, this does not mean that there is a shortage of attractions. Thousands of tourists visit this stunning place every year from all across the globe. Goa is recognized as the place where you can explore several things that are not usually available in other places of India. The endless list of stunning places includes luxurious casino, crazy nightlife and much more. You can get the discover the Rio de Janerio during festivals, especially at the time of Christmas. This places is not just about parties, beaches and alcohol; there is a lot more than it. If you are planning to visit Goa, you would always want to visit it again and again. So, here are the top five places you need to visit during your Goa trip.

Goa Beaches

The first word we recall after we say beach in Goa. If you want to enjoy some quality time on the soft sandy beaches, you need to opt for the South Goa beaches. And if you want to get to some beach where you can find all kinds of activities full of thrill and fun, opt for the North Goa beaches. The top beaches to visit in Goa are Utorda Beach, Arossim Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. You will get all kinds of water activities here such as scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat ride and much more. If you want to witness the magnificent underwater world, you need to opt for scuba diving. Do not forget to savor a scrumptious meal in any beach shack in the beaches after sunset. 

Spice Plantation

Do you know that the hottest pepper of the whole world comes from? It is called Peri Peri and found here in Goa. The Spice Plantation in Goa is the largest in the whole region which offer tourists to take a walk through the farm, taste some spicy Peri Peri and savor the exotic aroma that fills the range there. Also get an Elephant ride and don’t miss an elephant shower. Have an elephant ride or watch elephants being washed and fed in the Elephant Shower. You can also have a scrumptious lunch in this farm which is cooked with the aromatic spices from there. As it is not as interesting as the exciting beaches, tourists do not usually visit these fields. But, if you are a nature admirer, you need to visit this farm. Savor Cashew Feni, a local drink manufactured with raw cashew nut. You can also get horn bills and other colorful birds during other seasons.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

There are a lot of architectural miracles in this land. The Old Goa is also known as the Rome of East. The churches, chapels, museums, galleries and convents that you get in this place are many ancient- old. And above all is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO heritage site. If you love to explore the age-old architecture and old structures, you need to visit these old churches and museums in Goa. There are a lot of age-old bungalows that are open to Goan tourists. You can also visit these and learn about the history of Goa. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries

It is ought to visit a wildlife sanctuary to discover the wildlife in Goa. But, if you want to savor a lot of unique animal and bird view, you can explore Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also explore Mollem National Park as well. You will get to witness a lot of unique animals which includes mouse deer, barking deer, sloth bear, panther and many others. You can also get a numerous birds in this sanctuary like fairy bluebird, kingfisher, the great black woodpecker, paradise flycatcher and many others. These wildlife sanctuaries are located in the Western Ghats and thus, you can depict the serene beauty of nature and climate you can savor there.

Dolphin Safari

Whether you are visiting Goa with your kids or friends; Dolphin safari is something that you should never miss. This safari has its own elegant features and you can witness dolphins diving and swimming towards you in a playful way. If you are lucky enough, you can also hear their sounds too. The safari usually ends in the Grande Island. You can take your family for a picnic, enjoy the beach and have some relishing time in Grande Island. Dolphin safari trips is very unique. There are also several private boat trips that would take you near the haven of dolphins for you to swim nearby but not with them. You can always witness them from very close. Make sure you go for dolphin safari early in the morning.

Besides these, you can also enjoy the ancient archaeological museum, naval aviation museum, weekly flea market, popular temples, Cansaulim Monte, Dona Paula and much more. This place offers many things all throughout the year and no matter how many times you explore this place, it will always be dazzling and new for you. So make sure you add these places in your Goa tour package. 

Top Jaw-Dropping Adventure Activities in Goa That One Cannot Afford To Miss

Goa is a favourite of every travelers and free spirit who are out to make wonderful memories. The tiniest state has not been a favorite destination for just an Indians, but also foreigners. And why should not it be, you get huge stretches for dazzling and some delicious seafood made in restaurants alike shacks. It would be a downplay to say that Goa is one destination that never break off to amaze tourists. 

While the sun, sand and the sea are great reasons to pack your bags and opt to Goa. This is where the thrilling adventure activities in Goa comes to the picture. Whether you are looking to water sports your way to the Goa or go scuba diving to say “Hi” to the marine creatures, Goa has something for all.

Moreover, almost every beach has safe and certified board for thrilling water sports in Goa, so if the adventure spirit in you is craving for some experience of adrenaline-pumping, come with us and read the blog which will for sure help you.

Scuba Diving in Goa

The marine wonders will truly be a discovery to tourists who are very curious to discover something new each and everyday. And, if you are enthralled by this endless and mysterious marine life, scuba diving will surely offer curiosity with a level of happiness. Beginning from multi-colored fishes to amazing coral reefs, you can witness it all once you are beneath the water surface.

The scuba diving price in Goa suits each and every pocket, making it worth experiencing. Book for it and you will be able to go to 20 meters to 25 meters in the open ocean. Indeed, you will also be under expert guidance if you book with us.

  • Adrenaline Pumping Level: Easy to High
  • Places popular for it: Grande Island, Bat Island, Navy Island, Pigeon Island
  • Best time to do: October to May
  • Price Range: INR 2000 to INR 3500

White Water Rafting in Goa

While white water rafting in Rishikesh is popular worldwide, we suggest you to try this popular River rafting in Goa as well. Given the popularity of other water activities in Goa, people often favor to blunt this breathtaking watersport.

You can book an entire journey with your buddies at the best prices in Goa or join with your better half or as an individual. The long stretch of white water rafting is usually 10 kilometers long. It is loaded with areas where the water flow is fast and the currents are strong. If you book your expedition with Picnicwale you will be provided with the basic directions and also the apparatus which includes life jackets, oars, and so on.

So, if you are planning a Goa trip with your family and  friends, this activity is mandatory.

  • Adrenaline Pumping Level: Moderate to Hard
  • Places popular for it: Mandovi River, Valpoi River
  • Best time to do: June to September
  • Price Range: INR 1800 to INR 2100

Kayaking in Goa

After all the adventurous activities you explored and want to simply relax and dip in the surroundings of Goa, then kayaking is a perfect idea. We suggest you to try kayaking in Goa during the monsoon season as the light sprinkle of water droplets makes it a lot more memorable.

  • Adrenaline Pumping Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Places popular for it: Zuari Backwater, Sal Backwater, Mandovi Backwater, Hollant Beach, Dona Paula Beach 
  • Best time to do: October to May
  • Price Range: INR 1600 to INR 3200

Snorkeling in Goa

If you think scuba diving is too difficult for you, then go for snorkeling. Providing almost the same surreal experience of deluging yourself underwater with the marine creatures, snorkeling is favored by a lot of adventurers and thrill seekers.   

Once you are underwater, you can discover and witness for yourself the serene beauty of the huge ocean. From colorful batfish, snappers and lionfish to the ancient shipwrecks that sunk during the World Wars, you will get everything underwater. If your challenging soul is piercing with joy, we suggest you book this adventure activity before you plan your Goa trip.

  • Adrenaline Pumping Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Places popular for it: Grande Island, Bat Island, Navy Island, Pigeon Island
  • Best time to do: October to May
  • Price Range: INR 1700 to INR 2000

Wake Boarding in Goa

An activity that has recently gained popularity on all the exciting beaches in Goa, this activity is full of fun and less of difficulty when it comes to exploring. In wakeboarding, you will have to be skilled in balancing a board with a single hand as you are dragged forward on the water by a motorboat. Don’t worry it only sounds terrifying, but in reality it is full adventures. 

  • Adrenaline Pumping Level: Moderate  
  • Places popular for it: Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, Goa
  • Best time to do: October to March
  • Price Range: ₹ 1500 onwards

All delighted for your next adventure trip to Goa? We hope so, because this is not an extensive list of adventure activities that you can explore when in Goa. Moreover, you even have bundle of adventure activities in Goa! So, all in all, Goa is a place that truly won’t stop surprising you, even if you are visiting it again and again.

Popular Restaurants That You Can Visit While You Are In A Goa trip

Goa, once a Portuguese territory boasts a regional cuisine popular for its mixture of Portuguese and Indian flavors, including seafood, coconut milk and rice. From laid-back street-food sellers and cozy beach shacks to candlelit dinner, Goa has a truly vibrant dining scene. Here are popular restaurants that you can visit while you are in a Goa trip.

Mum’s Kitchen

No doubt, Mum’s Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Goa for scrumptious Goan cuisine. The menu in this restaurant is vast and captivating. Most of the regulars customers here in this restaurants are locals, so the kitchen does not hold back on the exotic spice. If you want to taste traditional Goan and Portuguese food, then this is the restaurant to go. They prepare some of the most rarely seen dishes, prepared in traditional spices, and home-cooked with perfection in taste and flavours. Antique artefacts, garden view, air-conditioned seating, makes you relax and dine. The service here is very quick but it is recommended to book the table before visiting as this restaurant is jam-packed by the Goa tourism.


Venite is one of the most fabulous of restaurants in Goa. Offering traditional Goan dishes, with the garnishment of local herbs and spices, this popular restaurant is a captivating culinary experience, which you must definitely have in your Goa holidays. This restaurant and bar is on the first floor of an old mansion where you are greeted with seashells at the entrance. This restaurant and bar is run by a family and extremely popular for its credible local Goan dishes. The seafood here is also bizarre. 


With stunning sea views, live music and spectacular sunsets, this restaurant serves delicious Greek food. Its evenings are as energetic as its mornings are calm. They serve delectable Greek as well as Mediterranean cuisines. Seating outside grants you feel the frosty breeze and enjoy the picturesque views. The bar has all the exotic wines, spirits, fruit juices, cocktails and much more.

Pousada By The Beach

Pousada By The Beach which is located on a peaceful stretch of stunning beach in Calangute. This beachside restaurant serves scrumptious Goan as well as Portuguese food. The dishes are made with ethereal skills, so as to enjoy its authentic flavours and tastes delectable as well. While the seafood is scrumptious, do try their yummy curries and desserts. The Pousada Beach Sea Front Restaurant is a tiny part of Goa and also an ideal place on the Arabian Sea to savor a coastal meal on their private courtyard or balcony or just right for playing and sunbathing on the beach. This is the beach shack where you leave your stress behind and get away from the  hectic life. Enjoy the most popular food of Goa at this stunning restaurant.


Sakana specializes in a Japanese cuisine which is exactly what makes this restaurant in a club of its own in this tiniest state. Sakana, the creation of Indian-Israeli Eliko and his Japanese wife Mali, blusters a number of best Japanese food in Goa. They have the vibrant interiors in a well-crowded section of the Anjuna and Vagator beach. If you love Japanese dishes, then you cannot miss out on this restaurant. Newly-wed couples in Goa are strongly suggested to visit it in your Goa honeymoon. They serve scrumptious Japanese dishes such as like tuna teriyaki, sushi, sashimi, beef yoshinoya are a must-try here. You will also get noodles, soups, and a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices to opt from. The food is a crack of flavours and tastes. You will also get booze too.

So if you are planning to visit Goa, then I strongly suggest you to include these five restaurants in your Goa tour package. 

Top 5 pubs you need to visit during your tour to Goa

When on a tour to Goa, everyone must experience its nightlife. From fancy nightclubs to elegant beach shacks and vibrant pubs, Goa offers its tourists some crazy options. The pubs in Goa is glee for the ones who love to live it up. Whether it is the food, spirits, music, or overall atmosphere, popular Goa pubs will surely leave you craving for more. After all, what else can you predict when we talk about the pubs in Goa.

Here are the popular pubs you need to visit during your Goa trip.

Soro – The Village Pub, Goa

Soro, the village Pub with its picturesque atmosphere attracts both local as well as international tourists was established in the year 2015 by the owners of the SinQ club. No doubt, this is one of the best pubs in North Goa. To get the best experience during your Goa Holidays, visit this pub in Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. This pub offers some of the best blend of delicacies there. Soro is dressed with smoking areas, bars, live music, outdoor arrangements and everything else you need in a pub to relish.

Café Mojo Pub and Bistro, Goa

Café Mojo which is pub-cum-bistro is best visited on Saturdays as you will have some of the best DJs there on that day spinning their decks to make you groove. A tap is installed on each table, which helps you avoid going to the bar every time to refill your glass. You will be given a card, which has a minimum recharge of INR 1,000. Whenever you need some drink, you need to swipe the card on your table and serve yourself a drink. And that is why; this unique pub has earned the title called “the first e-Beer pub in India”. This pub is one of the best places to visit in Goa to enjoy its nightlife.

Cavala, Goa

Cavala Resorts popularly known for its beautiful seaside glimpse and a green surrounding which is full of exotic plants and colorful flowers. This place is not only popular for its splendid rooms, but also for its outdoor view. Being one of the most popular beach resort in Goa, it offers several things satisfying the specific needs and requirements of tourists. One will also get the live bands on the weekends and the soft melodies from the piano on the weekdays. This makes the pub a preferred party as well as a family-adapted destination.

Mambo, Goa

Mambo in North Goa is among the most popular pubs, offering a relaxed atmosphere and extremely good tune to calm out all your anguish. The pub is near the popular Baga Beach, counting to its demand. It delights up your mood by offering a delicious multi-cuisine menu. The tune is an added element that gives you the option of choosing from a huge number of options which includes techno, house, hip-hop, and retro. So do visit Mambo in Goa on a weekend, and you will not feel to leave.

Tito’s, Goa

Tito’s in Goa provides you with the surrounding of a vibrant nightclub which is the amazing combination of fun and music. Undoubtedly, it is a huge delight for party lovers. Tito’s is next to Mambo, and occasionally, both the clubs are in combines to serve the guests for a scrumptious dinner at Mambo’s restaurant and all-night party at Tito’s.

An Ultimate Travel Guide To South Goa

There is something about South Goa, which is totally different from any other tourist destination in India. Though beaches are still its real gem, there are so many other gems that will attract your eyes. Stippled with myriad remains from the Portuguese era, South Goa attracts every tourists from history seekers, archaeology students, gourmet, yoga master, adventure lovers, and wildlife admirers. That is why we have tried to collect the best places to visit in South Goa.

There are numerous places to visit in South Goa, from stunning beaches, delightful temples, age-old churches, eye-catching waterfalls, dazzling wildlife sanctuaries, huge forts. So read this blog to have an idea of just why South Goa is such a popular tourist hotspot.

Silent Noise Party

Silent Noise Club is one is a must on your list of places to visit in South Goa which is highly recommended. This is one of a kind party, teens and youngsters, foreigners cluster around, plug into the headphones and listen to the offbeat forms of music like hard rock, trance, pop, jazz and shaking booty on the dance floor.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Asia with five bells, out of which the golden bell is the most popular as well as the largest in the world. The Se Cathedral was constructed by the Portuguese to celebrate the achievement of their battle with the Muslims in the year 1950. The construction of the church is in the style of Portuguese-Manueline where the exteriors of Tuscan admire the interiors of Corinthian very well.

Colva Beach

Colva is popular for the longest beach in South Goa. It is almost 20 kilometers long which is almost crowded due to its huge popularity. While it is a favorite place for the adventure seekers who wants to experience activities like parasailing, windsurfing, speedboat rides and others, but the and family who want some quality time can also visit this beach. The beach is popular for Full Moon Parties, dolphin safari, and enjoying equatorial drinks at the pubs and clubs with live music and dance.

Cabo de Rama Fort

Cabo de Rama Fort, named after the Lord Rama is one of the oldest forts of Goa. This fort was held by many rulers and has seen many battles. The fort is now ruined, but even though, you can witness the glimpse of its spectacular fort with turrets, bastions, cannons, moat, prison and military camps. One will also get a small chapel near this fort, which is still in avail. This fort also gives you the most stunning views of the Arabian Sea and its coastline.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls, located inside Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary is among the tallest waterfalls in India. It emerges to be a sea of overflowing milk. Plunging from a height of 310 metres, this waterfall recall you of the awful power and beauty of nature. The crashing sound of the waterfalls, lush greenery on all sides, and the dynamic force of water, all make this a spectacular tourist attraction of South Goa. Also, trekking through the dense forest, tunnels and railway tracks is the best way to enjoy the waterfalls.

Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park

Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park, a delight for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, is the largest national park in Goa. The national park which is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats is capped with the lush green tropicals and deciduous trees. It is also a hub to the Indian Bison, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Leopards, and many other animals and other unique species of bird. The stunning Dudhsagar waterfalls, Devil’s Canyon, and the Gothic temple of Tambdi Surla Mahadev are situated within this sanctuary.

An Ultimate Travel Guide To North Goa

No doubt, North Goa is a paradise for travelers. Hub to some really stunning beaches and serene point of worship, North Goa is an ideal part of the Goa trip. There is so much in North Goa that one can enjoy while at this point of the dazzling state that one may never wish to go back. Nature lovers can opt from a collection of places, whereas the adventure seekers can openly sway from here to there as adventure water sports await them. Newly-wed couples can boast their special moments in the calm backwaters and hidden places, whereas buddies can hangout together in the Goan shacks and dance to some loud beat. Foodies can zest the scrumptious food and peace seekers can opt a lonely place with a serene view for themselves. North Goa offers something for al. And most of all an insane peace of mind that is not so easy to get anywhere else.

So take a look at these unexpected places to visit in North Goa which will keep you visiting back again and again. 

Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort is the most popular fort among all the architectures in Goa. At the beginning, this fort was a hb to the Portuguese people, whereas now it is converted into a jail. Don’t miss the  panoramic view from the lighthouse while you are here. You ought to visit this place to explore the joyful views of the mighty Arabian Sea. Besides beaches, it is one of the best places to visit in North Goa. 

Anjuna Beach Flea Market 

Anjuna Beach Flea Market is a mini carnival in itself. Organized every Wednesday, this flea market is explored by the locals, Indian tourists an International tourists as well. This market is where one can find a lot of activities to do till late at night. This market is no less than a fashion street, where one can find great gifts, fashionable attires and captivating artifacts. Food stalls are also part of this flea market as well, where one can savor some scrumptious Goan cuisine.

Deltin Casino

The Deltin Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Goa where one can try their luck. It is located on the Calangute beach in North Goa. Her one can have a feeling of Las Vegas. It is where you can savor several electronic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps and much more. One will also get a chic bar and plush lounges in the casino where you can enjoy the nightlife at its best.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, another witness to the miracle of Portuguese architecture, is one of the top places one can include in your North Goa trip. The remains of the ruins of today was once where the Portuguese suppose to rule for more than 150 years. The ideal reason to visit this place is because it bids marvelous views of Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach. It is a perfect hotspot for photographers to spend some ideal time and catch the moments in their camera. You will also get two tunnels that Portuguese bulti to breakout in case of an emergency.

Calangute Beach

One cannot forget this popular beach from the list of places to visit in North Goa? It is named as “queen of beaches” by many tourists. Shopaholics—big showrooms of graceful handicrafts from Indonesia, Tibet and Kashmir are lined up on the main road alongside the beach. From beach bathing to sipping drinks on the shack, you can have chilled. Laid-back time on the beach during your Goa holiday.

Grande Island

Grande Island is amongst the most bizarre yet wonderful tourist places in Goa. True to its name, it offers a grand experience to the adventure lovers who are seeking for adventure watersports as it is a hub to excellent Scuba Diving spots. Some of the Scuba Diving sites around Grand Island are Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay. Take a day trip and don’t forget to experience Snorkeling or Scuba diving at Grande Island. 

Adventure Activities in Goa For Traveler

Goa, the land of serene beauty located in the Arabian Sea is a hub to some of the most breathtaking coral reefs and marine life ever to be seen all over the world. Crowded with thousands of multi colored fish, the underwater world of Goa can be allowed a natural awe. While you experience scuba diving in Goa you enter the magical world of the underwater wonders and witness coral reefs, multi-colored striped fishes, ancient shipwrecks, as well as recently sunk ships sunk which created dazzling artificial reefs. The turquoise crystal clear water, the bountiful fish life and multi-colored reefs provide elegant backdrops for underwater photography.

Goa, almost completely enclosed by a coral reef, is a hub to many sponges, sea anemones and a variety of multi-colored fish such as the Trumpet, Boxfish, Damselfish, clown fish, as well as Goan scorpion with its dazzling orange color. These amazing colorful marine creatures and fancy vegetation add an excellent show for all scuba divers. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Going For Scuba Diving In Goa

  • When planning to experience Scuba diving in Goa, make sure that you book your scuba package from the best adventure operator like Picnicwale.
  • Mention all the correct details about the conditions of your health and well-being. 
  • If you are taking any kind of medicine, antitoxin or have exhaust alcohol or drugs in the 24 hours prior. Then this info will help your scuba instructor to protect you from anything, in case of any emergencies.
  • Your survival under the water surface depends upon your scuba equipment. So recheck it twice before you go for diving.
  • Make sure that you have the knowledge of how to use your scuba gear. If you don’t know, ask your instructor to teach you.
  • Before you go for trying Scuba dive, it is a great idea to go for travel insurance for adventure activities like scuba diving.
  • Remember the main thing that experience of scuba diving should be thrilled and safe  as well. So don’t put yourself in an annoying condition and also dive within your limits only.
  • The climate throughout the state of Goa is tropical. Therefore, Scuba Diving is available all year round, but the best time to do Scuba diving is from the month of October to May.

Best Time for Diving in Goa

Goa is a very safe and interesting location for a diving holiday throughout the year. Even though Goa is a fantastic scuba diving destination, the months of summer that is from November to March are known to be the best time for Scuba Diving in Goa. During the months of summer, the warm water captivates a bountiful of vibrant fish and other marine life. Tourists going for scuba diving during this particular months can easily catch perception of extremely bizarre fishes which includes the parrot fish, sergeant majors, groupers, angelfish, wrasses, sweetlips, trumpet fish, clown fish, moray eels, crayfish along with a wide variety of colorful corals, sea anemones and sponges.

Scuba Diving in Goa Packages 

Discover variety of scuba diving in Goa packages offered by Picnicwale. Both beginners as well as experienced divers can be sure to enjoy various scuba diving activities in these perfect circumstances. Book your diving packages online that are benefit from lowest prices, secured online booking facilities, immediate confirmation through invoice and so on.

The Best Dive Sites In Goa To Discover The Magnificent Marine World

Goa, an ultimate destination for adventure seekers to achieve their fantasy of exploring the depths of the ocean and swimming around the colorful fishes. Adjoined by the mighty Arabian Sea, Goa is blessed with an azure crystal clear water and bizarre marine life which has made it a popular diving site in India. When in Goa, you should definitely experience the thrilling scuba diving to come face to face with magnificent marine life. While daring scuba divers can go for experiencing the waters the beaches in Goa, beginners also can take scuba diving experience in Goa for partaking in this thrilling activity. Amongst all the adventure activities, the best scuba diving in Goa trips are one of the most sought after thrilling activities captivating the fun and excitement of most travelers.

Grande Island

Grande Island is famous for offering an exciting experience when it comes to adventure water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving in Goa. With a depth from 7 meters to 25 meters, the place offers some great dive sites to choose from. Whether you are a beginner or a professional diver, Grande Island offers a thrill for all types of divers ranging from beginners to professionals. Once you start diving inside the alluring underwater world, you will come across a huge number of colorful fishes, sea turtles, shellfish, dolphins, exotic and vibrant corals. You will get various types of certified scuba diving in Goa packages here with Picnicwale, pick any one of the scuba packages according to your convenient. Grande Island is situated just off the shore to Vasco DA Gama. This is only a one hour journey from Vasco DA Gama. 

Best Time To Do Scuba Diving In Grande Island: Scuba diving in Grande Island Goa is accessible all year round, but the best time to do Scuba Diving is from the month of October to May.

Ideal For: Scuba Diving at Grande Island is perfect for experienced as well as beginners.

How To Get There: Grande Island is not the easiest location to head to, but the excursion is worth it. The journey towards Grande Island will be through ferry ride. To take the ferry ride, you need to reach Sinquerim Jetty. 

Other Dive Sites In Goa

Grande Banks

Grande Banks in Goa is a spectacular dive location which is placed between the Grande Island and Sao Gorge Island. You can explore the creation of vibrant coral reefs everywhere in this dive site. 

Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove which is situated to the northeast of Grande Island has a huge base of 15 meters. You can have all the fun of scuba diving here on this dive location in Goa, as the undercurrents are not that high. 

Sail Rock

Sail Rock is located approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the popular Grande Island. It is a rock crest salient out of the water exterior. Scuba Diving in the Sail Rock can lead you closer to the huge fishes like Red Snapper, Tuna, Sharks, Giant Barracuda, Eagle Rays, and much more. The dip walls here in this location are homes to tiny fishes as well. These fishes include Bannerfish, Blue Ringed Angelfish, Moorish Idols, Yellowtail Snappers, and much more. 

Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones Locker offers approximately 20 meters of depth under the water surface. It is an ideal choice for scuba divers. You can experience diving and witness the equatorial fishes like barracuda, schooling jacks, tuna, mullets, moray eels and so on. 

Turbo Tunnel

Turbo Tunnel is a thin tunnel situated between the island and rock. It is another incredible diving location in Grande Island. This scuba diving site is also popular among the beginners as well as the professional divers who want to witness the dazzling beauty of underwater which is almost 8 meters deep. 

Lobster Avenue

Lobster Avenue offers an underwater depth of 10 meters. It is an island package with rock base dotted with the sandy region. This is where you will get to catch colorful equatorial species of fish like Parrotfish, Snappers, Sergeant Majors, Nurse Sharks, Dogfish, Groupers, Triggerfish, Flounders, and so on. 

Bounty bay

Bounty Bay Island is another marvelous scuba diving location with approximately 6 meters beneath the water surface. It is ideal for beginners as well as professional divers. A large number of tiny species of fish, lobsters, crabs, coral reefs and so on can be witnessed here. Sometimes cuttlefish, stingrays, and nurse sharks are also been seen here.