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Top Places to Visit in Goa for Bachelors

Goa is an exciting mixture of thrill and fun which is too hard to bid. The stunning beaches, buzzing flea markets, thrilling water sports, numerous dining options, oscillating clubs and pubs, all come together to create a breezy atmosphere. No doubt, this place attracts youngsters like nothing else. And, you don’t really need a reason to visit the party capital of India. 

So here is our extensive list of places to visit in Goa for bachelors.


You never know when your luck will bring a smile on your face. So why not take an unexpected chance and explore out at the deluxe casinos in Goa? Most of the casinos of Goa are accessible in the cruise that will open up a world of exciting games, fun, and live entertainment for you, complete with popular restaurants and bars. If not richer, you will doubtlessly come out experience!

Pubs and Clubs

What is a Trip to Goa without pubbing and clubbing, especially if you are a party animal? The pubs and clubs in Goa are an incredibly fun area to chill out during the whole day and dance at night. So here are some pubs and clubs you need to check out.


Soro – The Village Pub

Café Mojo Pub and Bistro

Leopard Valley


Beach Shacks

Whether you are in a mood to have a blast with your friends or relax for some time, beach shacks are an ideal option. And, Goa has no dearth of amazing beach shacks that offer a blend of excellent food, drinks, music, and inviting ambiance. Here’s where all the fun awaits you:

Britto’s Shack

Café Del Mar



Souza Lobo

Grande Island 

With the azure waters of the Arabian Sea grazing from all sides, Grande Island give off a bizarre look. But there is more to this stunning island than just its natural beauty. The adventure junkie in you will be captivated to know that Grande Island is where you can enjoy the jaw-dropping scuba diving. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim as Picnicwale offer facilities for even beginners to enjoy this adventure activity. With well-skilled and professional trainers and standard safety equipment put to the effort, you can be sure of having a fun time.

Calangute Beach 

Calangute, the queen of beaches in Goa, is the most happening beach that has something for all. So if you are looking for some water-based activity with thrill and fun, then this beach is the best place to visit and have fun. 

Arpora Saturday Night Market

Saturday night fun gets a new content when you visit the night market in Arpora. Taken every Saturday night, this market place is where you can have a fun time with your buddies participating in shopping, eating, watching live performances or simply hanging out or soaking in the vibe of this market place.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

A dazzling four-tiered waterfall in Goa, Dudhsagar Waterfall presents a spectacular sight to catch. Calculated among the top tourist places in Goa for bachelors, this stunning waterfall is also a popular trekking destination  where you can trek with your buddies. The trek route of this waterfall boasts of gorgeous dazzling views and is absolutely worth your time and energy. 

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