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5 Most Amazing Things To Do At Snow Park In Goa

You must have visited Goa lot many times with the same stunning beaches, same adventure activities, and same popular clubs. So now the Goa holidays does not amaze you anymore, right? But here we have a piece of great news with us. And we are sure this news will surely amaze you. 

So before you plan your Goa itinerary, go through this blog and make sure you visit this amazing place. 

We all have visited one or two snow parks which could be nearby you but the snowpark in Goa is like a cherry on the top of the cake. And that too when you know that snow park is near your hotel where you are staying. All this could be desirable if you plan your Goa trip accordingly with all the details.

You would not like to visit Goa during summer months as the temperature during the summer days is humid but now it’s possible. But you just need to arrive at the snow park and blow out the globe outside as there are a lot of activities in Goa snowpark which could fill your day with fun and adventure.

Let go through the activities which could be enjoyed at the snow park in Goa:

Play with snow

Who does not like to play with snow, especially when you are with buddies or family or your better half? I am sure the moment would be like you are in Switzerland. So just forget the world outside you for the whole day and feel the thrilling of snow with your better half and make the pleasant memory to cherish forever.

Snow sliders:

When you hear the word snow sliding, does Switzerland come into your mind? It is captivating to think about snow sliding in Goa. But let me tell you Snow park in Goa have two snow slidings, where you and your kids can savor the cold breeze as you slide down the slope in your sled. So come sliding down on the land of icy snow and witness who wins the race.

DJ Rocks:

Tourist visiting Goa must have been to DJ party happening at the beaches and bounced till you flattened once. So now get one full day to dine, booze and rock that too in frosty temperature. So just get out of your comfort zone and get into the dance floor with all the marvelous lights and hit  multiple Bollywood numbers. 

Sledging Car:

You must have seen your buddies sliding on the sledging car. And you must be wondering how to enjoy the same activity with your entire budget, so snow park enters here. Just zest sliding there with your loved ones and catch moments in your camera for memories and let others scratch their head what place is that. 

Volley Ball in snow:

Volley Ball is loved by most of the people. Most of  the people assemble at night to play volleyball. Now get a chance to play this game in Goa and that too in the middle of the ice. It would be one of the memorable experiences you would have in a lifetime.

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