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Here’s Why Everyone Should Go For Scuba Diving in Goa

With numerous beaches, Goa boasts an array of marvelous diving locations. From getting up-close with the wonders of underwater marine life to the aquatic waters to the underwater fun with multi-colored striped fish and shipwrecks at Goa, there are a bountiful of breathtaking scuba diving locations in Goa. Whether you’re an adventure junkie or not, here is why everyone should definitely go for scuba diving in Goa.

Several great scuba diving locations in Goa

Goa is blessed with many great scuba diving sites along with its long coastline and off its islands. These locations are suited for all types of divers wheather one is experienced or beginner. 

Goa has bizarre stretches of coral reefs, shipwrecks and an array of marine life. The best thing about scuba in Goa is the finite underwater current, making it a safe place for all. The popular scuba diving spots in Goa includes Grande Island, Suzy’s Wreck, Turbo Tunnel, Davy Jones Locker, Shelter Cove and Sail Rock.

The magical marine life of Goa

The diving sites in Goa are teeming with attractive marine creatures in their natural environment, such as manta rays, sharks, reef fish, turtles, jellyfish, coral blankets, nudibranch, stone fish, stingrays, great barracuda, turtles, cobias, Napoleon wrasse. Some dive sites in Goa is blessed with the sightings of shipwrecks, where marine life likes to bunch up.

Great underwater visibility 

The dive sites of Goa offer incredible visibility. In the Grande Island, you can have good visibility up to 25 meters; in Suzy’s Wreck, up to 21 meters; off Davy Jones Locker up to 20 meters; off Shelter Cove up to 18 meters; off Turbo Tunnel and Sail Rock up to 10 meters.

Dive with a budget-friendly package

Scuba diving in Goa price is very reasonable and cheap than any other locations in India. Diving in the Grande Island will cost around INR 2,499 to 2,999 per head per dive; in Suzy’s Wreck approx. INR 2,700 per head for one hour; diving Davy Jones Locker costs around INR 3,000 per head, inclusive of training; diving in Shelter Cove approx. INR 2,300 per head; diving Turbo Tunnel is around INR 2,200 per head; diving Sail Rock approx. INR 2,400 per head.

Experience a different side to Goa 

Goa is all bustling city! Diving opens up new travel sites like Grande Island and many more that were not known or considered before. Begin a ferry ride from Panjim, the capital city of the state, and opt to the beautiful island. One can experience various adventure and thrilling watersports here. One can also get the great experience for Scuba Diving in Grande Island. 

Good  facilities for memorable diving

Every diving site in Goa has a plethora of great experience, and teams of PADI which stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors, certified instructors offering diving courses for the beginner as well as  experienced divers. Also, the dive destinations in Goa are surrounded by numerous hotels and resorts that can help make arrangements for all.

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