Thrilling Adventure Activities In Goa – Now It’s Time For Thrill Vacay!

Goa is all about having fun with your loved ones and if you are not chilling, then you are not living it out loud enough. As the weather of Goa is quite pleasant, you will definitely enjoy the adventure activities in Goa. From scuba diving, river-rafting to bungee jumping, the dazzling Goan vista is really bizarre […]

5 Water Sports In Goa That Will Quash Your Thirst For Adventure Like None Other!

Are you always feeling thirsty for adventure? Then these 6 water sports in Goa will sure go to quash your thirst for adventure. From stunning beaches with playful waves to gushing rivers, you can partake in the best of thrilling water sports in Goa that your heart craves for. From scuba diving to white water rafting to […]

Must To Do Water Activities In Goa For Every Adventure Seekers

Goa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is known for the wild beach parties, adventure activities and a lot of fun crowd. Apart from all this, Goa is also known a delightfully romantic place for couples. Huge number of newlywed couples visit Goa to […]

5 Best Water Sports In Goa For The Adventure Buffs

Trying something unique, challenging and exhausting is the dream of every adventure lover. From jet skiing to speed boat ride, parasailing to bumper ride etc, an array of adventure water sports in Goa keeps on challenging the adventurer. Travel from North to South, you will find countless thrilling water sports that not only excels one to the […]

Explore the best of adventures in Goa only with Picnicwale!

Being the gem in the crown, Goa is a paradise for every adventure junkies. Goa is perfect for every season be it a summer getaway, monsoon trip or winter excursion, this place would have something for all. Hub to some of the stunning beaches in the world, this destination is a test of determination and […]

Top Romantic Places to Visit in Goa for Honeymoon Couples

Honeymoon is a sweet journey that makes you arrest some beautiful memories for a lifetime and if you are going for a honeymoon in Goa then be prepared for the most astonishing experience. Attractively built ancient-old churches, old buildings Portuguese-style, gorgeous sunsets at a beach, candlelight dinner with wine at a beach shack, fizzing nightlife, […]


Goa is one of the very few diverse states in India where one can experience all the adventure activities from Bungee Jumping to Scuba diving, Flyboarding and much more. Adventure offers a much needed break to adventure seekers from their everyday routine lives. One can bungee jump, scuba dive, experience river rafting, kayak, or can […]

Catch The Best Tour Package At Picnicwale Now!

Lazily swaying palms, golden sands, dance parties and yoga retreats that comes to our mind when we think of Goa. Even though Goa is the smallest state of India, it is one of the most popular due to its rich heritage, warm and friendly people, tropical climate, scenic beaches and exotic handicrafts. So we bring […]


Life is either an adventure or nothing, so make a plan of a trip to Goa. This tiny state offers the thrilling adventure activities that you must try before you die. Here are the top adventure activities in Goa one must never miss on. Scuba Diving If you want to witness the submerged marine life of Goa, […]

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