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Goa is one of the very few diverse states in India where one can experience all the adventure activities from Bungee Jumping to Scuba diving, Flyboarding and much more. Adventure offers a much needed break to adventure seekers from their everyday routine lives. One can bungee jump, scuba dive, experience river rafting, kayak, or can try thrilling flyboarding and many more in the same place and same time.

Here are some of the Adventure Activities in Goa that you can try after you reach. 


If you are one of those who boom on the adrenaline rush and always seek for adventure, then Bungee jumping in Goa is the ideal activity for you to try. It is classified as an activity, however, in reality it is the name of a leap of faith. Just imagine yourself jumping from a height of 70 meters and bunging up and down. The imagination itself is adventurous and exciting. It is not for those who are anxious, what it needs is real courage and affection for it.


What can be more delightful than undertaking into the deep azure sea with its vibrant marine life? The pleasure of witnessing rich flora and fauna of the sea in their natural habitat is both fun and frolic. Also, thinking of swimming like a fish between the mysterious marine life is exceptional. So whenever you are visiting Goa, make sure you go for the deep Scuba Diving in Goa. 


Imagine yourself whirling along the bumpy river as it flows past dazzling mountains. If you have been seeking for some thrilling adventure activity in your Goa trip then your chase ends on the exciting activity of white water rafting. It is conducted mainly in the mighty Mandovi River where the water is white as it fizz and froths while gushing through the gorgeous view. So, to arrest some adventure and enjoy, go white water River Rafting in Goa.


Discover the calm backwaters, rivers and chasm in Goa by indulging in kayaking. You can opt to Kayaking in Goa which includes the places like Mandovi River or Chapora River. We guarantee that you are sure to meet turtles and dolphins as you kayak. You can kayak through rainforest which are covered areas there.


Flyboarding is an adrenaline-pumping activity that is a crazy blend of the thrill of Jet Ski and the skills of flying like a bird and diving like a dolphin.  Flyboarding in Goa is all about using a gear connected to the expel on a jet ski to get pushed through air and water. We guarantee that you will be given a safety instruction and equipped with a helmet and a lifejacket. The guide or an instructor will walk you through a movement with care like taxiing through water, flying through the air and water, diving, doing back dives and much more. It might take a bit of preparation, but we promise to get you doing some basic actions in less than 20 minutes.

So, add these adventure activities to your Goa trip, and explore the adventurous side of Goa for a thrilling holiday.

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