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Must To Do Water Activities In Goa For Every Adventure Seekers

Goa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is known for the wild beach parties, adventure activities and a lot of fun crowd. Apart from all this, Goa is also known a delightfully romantic place for couples. Huge number of newlywed couples visit Goa to make their honeymoon memorable. Since the times of the British colonial rule, it is said to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Goa. During that span, the British officers used to visit Goa for the purpose of enjoyment and fun. Whether you want to have a fun-filled vacation or a quiet peaceful holiday with your life-partner, Goa will fulfill all your needs. Brimming with several adventure activities and thrilling watersports, it is a place known for attracting the couples where they can get a memorable and romantic vacation in Goa. So take a look at the must to do water activities in Goa for couples. And as a couple, if you are adventure junkies than these adventure activities and thrilling watersports is a must on your bucket list. \

Scuba Diving

The combination of azure and turquoise deep waters and vibrant marine wonders are the main factors that attracts the huge number of tourists to explore the magical underwaters. It is worth spending adventure activity to get as a lifetime experience and explore the beautiful marine life of Goa. It is a perfect adventure activity to share with your near and dear ones. As a couple, you will get to discover and capture special moments underwater. Scuba Diving near Goa is a thrilling activity and doing it as a couple is essential to a healthy relationship.  

White water river rafting

River Rafting in Goa is one of the thrilling and adventurous water activities. When it comes to river rafting, the rivers of Goa keep up with the best. A huge number of couples and families who are adventure junkies are heading for the spills and thrills of water-based leisure activities. As it has become the talk of the town it is definitely going to boost your pulse rate, and leave you with a fantastic experience. Make it a perfect vacation by absorbing in the sun and riding the waves of the mighty waves of the sea.


Parasailing is one of the most popular adventure watersports in Goa. While you are high up in the sky, floating through the cool air you can view and enjoy the awesome landscape below. It is a beloved watersport among the couples, friends as well as families, as it is a perfect combination of enjoyment as well as thrill. You can experience while dipping in the water and the feeling of water touching your feet while still in the air.

Bumper Ride

Bumper ride is thrilling as well as a fun activity for couples who are a thrill seeker. A water activities experience to all is exciting but imperfect without a bumper ride in Goa. Experiencing these doughnut-shaped tubes leaves you with a breathtaking experience, especially when you are accompanied by your better half. For thrill seekers, it is a great thing to showcase your skills as you opt to ride this exciting tube without falling off it.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, Goa offers various adventure activities and thrilling water sports for couples that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Couples who are always in hunt of adventure should definitely try these adventure activities.

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