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An Ultimate Travel Guide To North Goa

No doubt, North Goa is a paradise for travelers. Hub to some really stunning beaches and serene point of worship, North Goa is an ideal part of the Goa trip. There is so much in North Goa that one can enjoy while at this point of the dazzling state that one may never wish to go back. Nature lovers can opt from a collection of places, whereas the adventure seekers can openly sway from here to there as adventure water sports await them. Newly-wed couples can boast their special moments in the calm backwaters and hidden places, whereas buddies can hangout together in the Goan shacks and dance to some loud beat. Foodies can zest the scrumptious food and peace seekers can opt a lonely place with a serene view for themselves. North Goa offers something for al. And most of all an insane peace of mind that is not so easy to get anywhere else.

So take a look at these unexpected places to visit in North Goa which will keep you visiting back again and again. 

Fort Aguada

Aguada Fort is the most popular fort among all the architectures in Goa. At the beginning, this fort was a hb to the Portuguese people, whereas now it is converted into a jail. Don’t miss the  panoramic view from the lighthouse while you are here. You ought to visit this place to explore the joyful views of the mighty Arabian Sea. Besides beaches, it is one of the best places to visit in North Goa. 

Anjuna Beach Flea Market 

Anjuna Beach Flea Market is a mini carnival in itself. Organized every Wednesday, this flea market is explored by the locals, Indian tourists an International tourists as well. This market is where one can find a lot of activities to do till late at night. This market is no less than a fashion street, where one can find great gifts, fashionable attires and captivating artifacts. Food stalls are also part of this flea market as well, where one can savor some scrumptious Goan cuisine.

Deltin Casino

The Deltin Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Goa where one can try their luck. It is located on the Calangute beach in North Goa. Her one can have a feeling of Las Vegas. It is where you can savor several electronic games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Craps and much more. One will also get a chic bar and plush lounges in the casino where you can enjoy the nightlife at its best.

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort, another witness to the miracle of Portuguese architecture, is one of the top places one can include in your North Goa trip. The remains of the ruins of today was once where the Portuguese suppose to rule for more than 150 years. The ideal reason to visit this place is because it bids marvelous views of Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach. It is a perfect hotspot for photographers to spend some ideal time and catch the moments in their camera. You will also get two tunnels that Portuguese bulti to breakout in case of an emergency.

Calangute Beach

One cannot forget this popular beach from the list of places to visit in North Goa? It is named as “queen of beaches” by many tourists. Shopaholics—big showrooms of graceful handicrafts from Indonesia, Tibet and Kashmir are lined up on the main road alongside the beach. From beach bathing to sipping drinks on the shack, you can have chilled. Laid-back time on the beach during your Goa holiday.

Grande Island

Grande Island is amongst the most bizarre yet wonderful tourist places in Goa. True to its name, it offers a grand experience to the adventure lovers who are seeking for adventure watersports as it is a hub to excellent Scuba Diving spots. Some of the Scuba Diving sites around Grand Island are Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and Bounty Bay. Take a day trip and don’t forget to experience Snorkeling or Scuba diving at Grande Island. 

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