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Adventure Activities In Goa

Planning a trip to Goa but wondering what you have in store other than a retail joyride? Well, no need to worry. You can challenge yourself into trying out some thrilling sports and adventurous activities for an exciting and memorable trip that you will never forget. From scuba diving to trekking, there’s an endless list of adventurous Activities in Goa that you must indulge in.

What are the best water sports to try in Goa?

Scuba Diving In Goa

SCUBA DIVING – Goa is home to some really beautiful beaches. Moreover, as it is close to the coast, it is also a great place to go scuba diving. So, if you are a water sports adventurer, you would really enjoy scuba diving in Goa. There are several scuba diving centers in Goa. Hence, if you are a beginner or have never tried diving, you can get the required training for the same. While there are several scuba diving sites in Goa, one of the best and the most popular diving place in this state is Grande Island. While the beaches of Goa are extraordinary, the underwater experience in the crystal clear water, amidst the coral, will definitely blow your mind. Grande Island is known to be a diver’s paradise. If you are planning to go to Goa for your next vacation, do not forget to explore the coral reefs and the marine life of beautiful Goa.

Kayaking In Goa

KAYAKING – Goa is not just about high rises and chic structures. It’s natural side is incredibly beautiful too. One of the best ways of enjoying the natural beauty of the place is by indulging in kayaking. Chapora River is one of the best places to go kayaking in Goa. You will be guided by professionals and would get all the kayaking gear at the center. Apart from enjoying this beautiful and peaceful activity, you will also get the chance to see different species of birds and learn about the ecosystem. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will also get the opportunity to view dolphins and otters too. The kayaking tour in Goa would not only be exciting but also a relaxing one.

Snorkeling In Goa

SNORKELING – It is perhaps the easiest way to enjoy Goa’s underwater wonders. You don’t need to carry a full air tank on your back and you don’t need any scuba diving certifications or too much diving experience to be able to discover vibrant and colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical marine life. Most snorkeling spots in Goa are also readily accessible, just simply bring your mask, snorkel, and fins, and hit the shoreline. The tropical waters around Goa are ideal for snorkeling. The temperature of Goa is at an average of 27°C, and most sites are calm throughout the year. Furthermore, you can also count on great visibility over the dry season months. The best season for snorkeling in Goa is between October to May. You don’t need to go too far out or too deep to enjoy the beautiful underwater views, which feature anything from shipwrecks to natural reefs, such as the site at Grande Island, Agatti Island, and Pigeon Island.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try some of the best water sports in Goa, it will be a lifetime memorable experience for you.

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