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Perfect stop for adventure seekers – Goa

Things To Do In Goa

Welcome to India’s smallest State – Goa. Its crystal clear waters draw many travelers across the world. It is pretty popular for its beaches and it is a hot spot in India. Goa is well known for its white sand beaches, colorful corals, sapphire lagoons, and omnipresent silence. If you are looking for a peaceful and chaos free vacation then this is the place for you.

Goa is a dazzling archipelago of land masses where you can take pleasure in water sports and discover sea life. There are many Things To Do in Goa from the romantic boat ride to scuba diving, exploring rare corals, watching fishes and turtles. Goa is largely visited by adventurous souls from every corner of the world to enjoy various water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and bungee jumping.

What are the best adventure sports to try in Goa?

The presence of blue sea water around the states provides tourists with an excellent opportunity to engage in adventure sports in Goa. The resorts and sports centers of Goa are equipped with provisions required to participate in water sports. The water sport of snorkeling reveals to the tourists the aquatic life of Goa. The lagoons of the place are composed of the live corals and fishes that make the marine flora and fauna. The islands and beaches of Goa are surrounded by shallow waters that are favorable for the sport of snorkeling.

Usually, when people think of Goa, they think of its picture-perfect beaches, delicious cuisine, ancient monuments, and scenic landscapes. But the adventure seekers think about water sports in Goa, which everyone should add in a list of things to do in the state. Some of the best activities to try in Goa are

Scuba Diving In Goa

SCUBA DIVING – Well, scuba diving is an exhilarating experience that one can have in Goa. There are numerous ideal diving spots where you can see marine life and admire the beauty of nature. You will find plenty of Scuba Diving centers across the state and islands that are willing to take you on a fascinating underwater adventure. If you ever wanted to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea, Goa is the right place for you.

Snorkeling In Goa

SNORKELING – Snorkeling is among the best adventure activities in Goa which have gained wide popularity. Snorkeling in Goa has emerged as the favorite sport of the tourists. Snorkeling as a sport does not need the expert level of swimming anyone can practice it as involves floating on the surface of the water with the help of swim fins, wet suit, and a diving mask attached with a snorkel tube. The high point snorkeling is to observe the underwater creatures and plants. You can take advantage of floating in the water for hours and comparatively with very little effort with the help of the snorkel tube.

Kayaking In Goa

KAYAKING – If you are in love with the waters but not a fan of intense activities like scuba diving or parasailing, then you should opt for Kayaking in Goa. You just have to paddle along the spots or take a break in a small cove, and travel to various islands. The vast blue water bodies of Chorao Island in Goa are the ideal place for Kayaking and this tour is a real treat for bird lovers. The mangroves, mudflats, coves, backwaters, and mini bays pose for amazing pictures that would thrill photography buffs and nature lovers. Kayaking is one of the best water sports that will take you up close to the coasts, rivers, and backwaters of Goa.

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