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Best Places For Scuba Diving In Goa That Are Way Better Than Any Other Place In India

Scuba diving is a popular journey hobby completed underwater to witness stunning creatures. Few sports in Goa will make your hot summer refresh, and scuba diving is one in all them. Scuba diving in Goa is one of the important visitor enchantment. Scuba diving is a nice manner to view underwater colourful marine existence. You can view no longer most effective colorful fish or coral reefs but additionally various caves and caverns. There are numerous colorful creatures underwater which includes parrotfishes, batfishes, vivid-butterflyfishes, angelfishes, tangs underwater. You may also view colourful plant life which include crimson algae, coralline algae, seaweed, seagrass, and so on, which might be very attractive underwater. Isn’t that sound thrilling? 

Underwater life is sincerely different from life above on the floor. The marine world is full of magic and to peer this global is revel in of its personal. Scuba diving in Goa is a completely unique activity which assists you to dive deep into the ocean and experience the attraction of the underwater global. There may be a large coastline providing several places to attempt out the thrilling hobby. 

As scuba diving is slowly catching on, there are more than one number of scuba diving spots in india wherein you could dive around with beautiful fish,  witnessing some treasure searching on the diverse shipwrecks spots or simply sail past the coral reefs. Colorful corals, plant life, fauna and aquatic creatures make those places best to head for scuba diving. Goa is the maximum desired destination amongst the traffic in Goa. Being the habitat of colorful fish, turtles, coral reefs, and marine flowers, Goa underwater global is well worth exploring. Scuba diving price in Goa is definitely pocket- friendly with a massive coastline and favorable water conditions, Goa offers the best places for scuba diving. Right here is the listing of few popular spots for scuba diving at Grande island.

Cove of shelter

Cove of safe haven is a wonderful diving site for the non-swimmers or novices. The intensity of the water isn’t an excessive amount of deep. It’s miles sufficient to dive and think about the underwater world even for the non-swimmers. You may witness little wee fish swimming in organizations, stunning corals reefs and big lobsters too. 

Reef of Uma Guma

Some other famous spot for scuba diving in Goa is reef of uma guma. Get mesmerized with the underwater aquatic beings like the tunas, sharks, porcupine fish, and so forth. The depth is 14 meters so you can get to see the astonished coral reefs that present memorable visibility of the region to haunt you in your lifestyles. A professional diver can dive without difficulty right here. 

Bay of bounty

Yet any other scuba diving vacation spot for scuba diving newbies, be it learners, novices, amateur divers with their trainer can look out for masses of tiny colourful fishes with hardened corals. That is an excellent vacation spot for exploring scuba diving alongside species of fish like cuttlefish and sharks. At a depth of just 6 meters, this is pretty convenient for beginners.

Wreck of Suzy’s 

Goan waters are witness to the wrecks of world warfare ii vessels. Site visitors are nevertheless excited at the notion of taking a look at those underwater wrecks. The underwater wrecks may be seen at an intensity of 30 meters within the company of fish like angelfishes, parrot fishes, stonefish, and so on. 

The jetty

Grand Island is a paradise for scuba divers. Jetty is to the north-west of the grand island and offers a depth of virtually 6-8 meters. It boasts of staggering revel in underwater together with the lionfish and toddler mullets. 

The locker of Davy Jones

Strongly endorsed only for professional divers because the currents here are manner too active. Indeed it entails interesting adventure.

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