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Chilled Goa Tour Package – Explore The Crazy Goa In Winter

Goa, the smallest state of India, is a beautiful year round. This place is full of white sandy beaches and crazy night parties have made it a highly crave tourist destination in India. Goa is also a treasure box of ancient-old heritage and traditional culture. Every trip in Goa leaves something for the travelers to discover.

With the return of winters, the beauty of Goa hints to boost varied. The climate is pleasant, exhilarating Christmas and New Year Parties to catch and a lot of amazing sightseeing to do. So there cannot be a better  time to visit party capital. So Picnicwale presents chilled Goa tour package through which you can explore the craziest part of Goa in winter. Also in this blog you will get to know about the things to do during the winter months. 

Laze & Relax at the Beach

The beaches of Goa are fascinating all-year round, the best time for calm and sunbathe at the Goa beaches is during the winter months. The sun glares cheerfully and the refreshing air with it adorns the whole experience. 

Catch the Craziest Parties

Goa is a heaven for party-animals. And no doubt, life in Goa is fun and frolic. The  lip-smacking cuisines and best DJ’s, electrifying music, and much more exciting. Even if it is in the pubs, beach shacks or nightclubs, parties in this tiny state attracts the huge number of crowds.

Bounce at Nightclubs

Visiting nightclubs in Goa on weekdays is a must for every tourist visiting Goa. Goa offers some of the best nightclubs all over the globe. These nightclubs are ultimate hangout places that win the hearts of the crowds with their delectable food, electrifying music, and incredible ceasing affair. Some of the most popular nightclubs clubs in Goa are Tito’s Club and Britto’s Bar & Restaurant, Club Cubana, Club Antoos and so on.

Savor the Goan Cuisines

Cuisines available in Goa are delicious and finger licking. The cuisines of Goa are influenced by several cultures over the years. But, the tangy and spicy flavor is seen across all cuisines in Goa. Many of these can be applied to the general use of spices and condiments.

Experience the adventure activities

Goa is one of the best destinations for adventure activities in India. From scuba diving, bungee jumping, flyboarding, the list is endless. Some of the popular best places for experiencing water activities in Goa includes Calangute Beach, Grande Island, Agonda Beach, and much more.

Zest at the Mandovi River Cruise

Go for a river cruise ride at the Mandovi River which offers its own share of delights. Tourists are treated by scrumptious food, DJ’s soon after the boat sails down the Mandovi river. The cruise takes you for sightseeing which includes Adil Shah Palace, old colonial buildings past the Promenade, Panjim riverfront, and many more.

Go for Dolphin Safari

Dolphin Safari is another exciting things to do in Goa. This activity is an extremely popular which is carried out along the entire 110 kilometer stretch of coastal Goa. It is a sheer delight to witness these bug adorable living in their most playful epitome.

Discover the Goan Heritage

The Goan beaches attract a lot of tourists all year round but this tiny Indian state is also a hub to multiple heritage sites in the form of churches and forts. Some of them are worth visiting out which includes the Aguada Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Se Cathedral, and so on.

Go Shopping

Every Wednesday, every local people of Goa, seems to be hoping to Anjuna Flea Wednesday market. Here in this market you will get all kinds of things, goods and merchandise on sale. Goods ranging from farm products to leather, ceramics, besides others, are possible to get at cheapest prices here.

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